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Yahoo!7 Privacy

We have detailed reference links describing our privacy practices for a wide range of Yahoo!7 products and services.

Manage Interest-Based Ads

To help make your experiences with Yahoo! more relevant, we employ interest-based ads. Manage your interest-based categories, or opt-out of all categories, from the Yahoo! Ad Interest Manager.

Yahoo! Social Bar Activity

Please read our FAQ to learn more about Yahoo! Social Bar Activity.

Yahoo!7 Pulse

With Yahoo!7 Pulse, you can create your own identity on Yahoo!7 and you can connect and engage easily with the people, content and applications that matter to you on Yahoo!7. You can also share updates, photos, blog posts and more with colleagues, classmates, family and friends. Yahoo!7 Pulse also allows you to link to third-party social network sites, so that you can keep up with what your friends are doing, all in one convenient place.

Information Collection and Usage

  • The Profile page, opened by clicking the Profile button on the Yahoo!7 Pulse page, is your unique page. This is where you can share information about yourself and review what you have published to others.
  • When people visit your unique page in Yahoo!7 Pulse, they view your profile and, depending on the information that you share, see the same information about you that you have published.
  • The Info page, opened by clicking the Info button on the Yahoo!7 Pulse page, is where you add and edit information about yourself. You may also control how this information is shared with visitors to your profile (see Information Sharing and Disclosure Policies below).
  • Basic information, such as your full name, display name and gender, are required to create a profile on Yahoo!7 Pulse. Your full name is created from your Yahoo!7 account. Your gender can be set to “I’d rather not say”, if you would rather not share your gender. Your display name is public and is viewable by anyone.
    • We suggest that you use your first name and first initial of your last name as your display name. However, you may choose to use your first and last names as your display name if you want to help your contacts find you. You may change your display name at any time.
  • Other basic information in your profile includes your date of birth and location. You may choose to hide your age. Your location is set to the location in your Yahoo!7 account and can be changed. If you would like to keep your location private, you may leave this field blank. The location displayed in your Profile and your age, if not hidden, are public and are viewable by Everyone.
Connection Suggestions
  • Yahoo!7 uses different sources of information to determine connection suggestions, based on whom you communicate with frequently. This information may include:
    • Yahoo!7 Messenger: contacts on your friends list
    • Yahoo!7 Contacts: contacts in your address book
    • Yahoo!7 Mail: email header information that identifies the people to whom you send and from whom you receive emails frequently.
Yahoo! 7 Updates
  • When you take certain actions, such as when you connect to a friend, comment on a  guest book, add information to your profile or change your photo, these actions are shared as Yahoo!7 Updates, able to be seen by your connections and others. You can control the sharing of your Yahoo!7 Updates.

Information Sharing and Disclosure Practices

  • Within the Basic area of the Info page, your display name, display photo, gender and location information are public and visible to Everyone.
  • If you would like to keep your location private, you may leave this field blank.
  • Your full name and birthday are shared with “Connections Only”, but can be hidden from view by setting the fields to “No-One”.
  • Your age is shared with Everyone, but you can choose to hide it by choosing “Hide my age”.
  • Yahoo!7 is committed to helping create a safe online experience and treats information about children and users between 13-17 years of age differently.
  • The remainder of the information on your profile may be shared only with your Connections, with Everyone or with No-One.
  • You can allow applications made by third-party developers access to information within your profile.
    • When you do, you are granting the application and its developer some access to the information within your profile.
    • Applications installed by your Connections will have access to the information about you that you have permitted those Connections to see.
      • You may turn off the ability for your Connections to share your information with applications by managing your profile settings. (also see Managing Your Yahoo!7 Pulse Settings below)
  • More information about applications, developers and the permission that you grant is available here.
People Search
  • Your profile may be found by others who search for you by your first name, last name, display name, alias or email address.
    • You may turn off People Search to avoid being found.
    • When you choose not to make an email address or Yahoo!7 ID searchable through People Search, the email address will continue to be attached to your Yahoo!7 Account. Other Yahoo!7 services may identify those email addresses with your profile.
  • If your profile is searchable by an email address, your email address will act as a URL for your profile. For example, if you make a searchable email address, others who know your email address can find your profile by going directly to:
Yahoo! Updates
  • Depending on your Yahoo!7 Updates settings, certain actions that you perform on your profile on Yahoo!7 are shared as Yahoo!7 Updates, viewable by your Connections and others.
    • These actions include when you connect to a friend, comment on a guest book, add information to your profile or change your photo.
    • You can manage your Yahoo!7 Updates settings and control which updates you want to share with others.

Managing Your Yahoo!7 Pulse Settings
You can manage your settings on Yahoo!7 Pulse by setting permission regarding what information is shared and who can see your profile.

  • You can set permission regarding who can find your profile and who can see what information on your profile.
  • You may hide your profile. By hiding your profile, people will not be able to search for you, contact you or invite you to connect. Your profile will not be shown to others and only your display name and status message will be visible.
Third-Party Applications
  • If you no longer want to allow your Connections to share your information with third-party applications and developers, you may change your settings.
  • You may revoke permission that you granted to an application at any time. For the Yahoo!7 Application Platform, remove the application by choosing "Remove" from the application's Settings menu. For applications on third-party websites and other applications, visit your Yahoo!7 Account Info.
Yahoo! Updates
  • You can set the permission for sharing your Yahoo!7 Updates. Your new setting for a particular type of update will apply to any future Yahoo!7 Updates. Your new settings will not affect what you have shared in the past. You cannot modify the settings for past Yahoo!7 Updates, but you can delete past Yahoo!7 Updates stored on the Yahoo!7 network.
Linked Accounts
  • You can manage linked websites where you have social content that you’ve chosen to link to Yahoo!7. By linking with these sites, you can see your content on these sites straight from Yahoo!7 and can share your Yahoo!7 on the linked sites.


This page describes current Yahoo!7 practices with respect to this particular service. This information may change as Yahoo!7 revises this service by adding or removing features or using different service providers. To find out how Yahoo!7 treats your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy.
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