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Yahoo Social Bar Activity

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Yahoo Groups

Yahoo Groups allows you to connect with others who share the same interests and ideas, through our web site or through any email program. In order to create a Yahoo Group, you must be a registered Yahoo user.

Information Collection and Use Practices
  • You can join or create a Yahoo Group using your Yahoo ID or an alias. Yahoo Groups offers communications and community tools, including a message archive, member lists, chat rooms, file sharing, and photo albums, which allow you to post or display personally identifiable information about yourself.
Information Sharing and Disclosure Practices
  • In using Yahoo Groups and its various tools, you may make some of your personal information public. You may also choose to share some of your personal information with other Group members.
  • Your full email address will be visible to the initiator and moderator(s) of any Group to which you belong.
  • Certain information from your Yahoo Profile may be visible to other members such as your name, gender, city, online status and other information that you have chosen to make public.
  • When you share files, post messages, create polls, or add bookmarks to a Group to which you belong, your name or truncated email address may be posted along with the file, message, poll or bookmark. Your name may be posted if you have chosen to make this information public through Yahoo Profiles.
  • If you post a message to the web site page for a Group or submit a message to the Group via email, your full name and email address may be visible to Group members who have chosen to have their messages sent to their email account.
  • Full headers of the email message of all postings can also be seen by anyone accessing the messages.
  • The personal email address of Group initiators and moderators who invite members to join the Group via the "invite" tool will not be visible to the recipients when sending an invitation.
  • If you post personal information online that is accessible to the public, you may receive unsolicited messages from other parties in return.
Practices Regarding Your Ability to Update or Delete Information
  • If you are a Group initiator, you can edit or delete any posting or member in your Group. You can also completely delete your Group at any time. Group initiators can also grant moderators the ability to edit or delete postings and members from the Group.
  • As a Group member, you can edit your Group memberships and preferences at any time.
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