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Yahoo! Privacy

To find out how Yahoo! treats your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy. This page describes current Yahoo! practices with respect to this product. Information on this page may change as Yahoo! adds or removes features.

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Yahoo! Social Bar

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Yahoo! Chat

Yahoo! Chat allows you to chat with people all over the world. In order to use Yahoo! Chat, you must be a registered Yahoo! user.

Information Collection and Use Practices

  • Using Yahoo! Chat, you have the ability to post personally identifiable information about yourself in a chat room.
  • During your participation in a chat session, your Yahoo! ID or alias that you are chatting under is visible to other users. An alias consists of a name and some information that you show in a profile to other chatters.
  • When a user clicks "Who's Online," they can view the information you entered into your profile.
  • Yahoo!'s practice is not to archive the contents of user-posts in chat rooms. Yahoo!'s practice is to archive the content of celebrity chats. For celebrity chats, only the questions and celebrity answers are archived.
  • Yahoo!'s practice is to not use any information submitted through Yahoo! Chat for any marketing purposes.

Information Sharing and Disclosure Practices

  • If you post personal information online that is accessible to the public, you may receive unsolicited messages from other parties in return.

Practices Regarding Your Ability to Update or Delete Information

  • Once you have posted a message using Yahoo! Chat, it is not possible to edit or delete that message.


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