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Yahoo! Social Bar Privacy

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Yahoo! 360° Beta

We will be officially closing Yahoo! 360° on July 13, 2009.

As a result, you will need to move your 360° information to your new profile before this date. After July 13, 2009, your content on Yahoo! 360° will no longer be accessible. For more information on steps you can take to transition your information, see our help pages.

Your privacy is important to us. Both your new profile and your blog contents will be set to “private.” This means unless you change the setting, you will be the only one able to see your profile.

Yahoo! 360° beta offers you the opportunity to create a linked network of friends with integrated Yahoo! communications, content and community services such as Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Photos, Yahoo! Travel, Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! Games, Yahoo! Music and Yahoo! Groups, and provides other services like blogs. Yahoo! 360° allows members to post personally identifiable information about themselves, but provides privacy settings and other tools to enable members to decide who can view this information. You must be a registered Yahoo! user in order to use Yahoo! 360°.

Information Collection and Use Practices

  • You can create a Yahoo! 360° page using your Yahoo! ID or a Yahoo! alias.
  • When you create your Yahoo! 360° page, some of your registration information such as your name, current location, age, email address, etc., will be pre-filled for your convenience. The default privacy setting for the information that is displayed on the Yahoo! 360° page is set to friends, which means that the information can only be seen by you and others who you have added to your friends list.
    • You may also choose to allow others to find you on Yahoo! 360° by including yourself in the Yahoo! 360° searchable database. If you choose to be searchable, others within Yahoo! 360° may find you by first and last name and email address. This database is not searchable from outside of Yahoo! 360°.
  • We ask you to create a Yahoo! 360° nickname and you may choose to upload a personal photo or photos in order to enable others within Yahoo! 360° to find and connect with you.
    • Your nickname and gender will be displayed publicly to everyone on your Yahoo! 360° page.
    • Should you choose to upload a personal photo, that photo will be displayed on your Yahoo! 360° page and be publicly visible to everyone on Yahoo! 360°. Uploaded photos should conform to the Yahoo! 360° Photo Guidelines.
    • Your nickname, gender and photo will be displayed on invitations should you decide to invite people to connect to you. Your location information may also be displayed depending on your privacy setting.
  • You may choose to provide optional information about yourself in the Profile Information and Lists sections of your Yahoo! 360° pages. Information included in these sections is searchable, enabling other Yahoo! 360° members with similar interests to find you. By choosing the expert privacy level settings available on the Profile Information and Lists pages, you can decide who can view this information.
  • You have the ability to create a blog and publish content to Yahoo! 360°. The privacy settings on your blog allow you to determine who sees the content of your blog within Yahoo! 360°.
    • If you choose, you can publish your blog entries as an RSS 2.0 feed to people outside of Yahoo! 360°.
Information Sharing and Disclosure Practices
  • By using Yahoo! 360° and its various features, you may choose to share some of your personal information with others or you may choose to make some of your personal information public.
    • Yahoo! 360° provides a comprehensive set of permission controls for privacy and visibility management throughout Yahoo! 360°. If you post personal information on Yahoo! 360°, you may receive unsolicited messages from others.
    • Your nickname, profile photos, and gender are always shown publicly to everyone.
  • Yahoo! 360° allows you to link your Yahoo! ID or other Yahoo! aliases to your Yahoo! 360° page with an identity management tool, the Yahoo! Identity Display.
    • If you have only one Yahoo! ID and use it as your primary alias, the content created under your Yahoo! ID will be displayed on your Yahoo! 360° page subject to your privacy settings.
    • If you choose to link several Yahoo! aliases to your Yahoo! 360° page, the content you created under each of these Yahoo! aliases will be displayed on your Yahoo! 360° page, subject to your chosen privacy settings.
    • Whatever Yahoo! alias you choose as your primary alias will be displayed as your Messenger ID throughout Yahoo! 360°. You can decide which people on Yahoo! 360° can contact you with Yahoo! Messenger on your Yahoo! 360° Communications Settings page.
  • You have the option of activating a Simple URL, displayed as, to allow others who know your Yahoo! ID or chosen Yahoo! alias to find your Yahoo! 360° page more easily. Activating a Simple URL will not change any of the privacy settings associated with your Yahoo! 360° page.
  • Depending on your privacy settings and the areas you link to within the Yahoo! network (such as Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Music, Yahoo! Photos, etc.), the content and other information, including any personal information, may be visible to others in Yahoo!
    • If you choose to make your Launchcast station visible to others in Yahoo! 360°, they will be able to see the Yahoo! ID or alias associated with that Launchcast station.
    • If you choose to change the privacy settings to allow your friends or others to view your Yahoo! Photos album(s), the Yahoo! ID or alias associated with the photo album(s) will be seen by those users.
  • Other members can contact or communicate with you via your Yahoo! 360° mailbox depending on your the communications settings on your communications page.
  • All public content of Yahoo! 360 is available to be indexed by search engines.
  • Advertisements shown to you may be related to textual information of the page you're viewing, such as the blog content, or the search term you entered.
Practices Regarding Your Ability to Update or Delete Information
  • You can edit, delete, or change your information and privacy settings on Yahoo! 360° at any time.
  • At this time, we do not provide an option to delete your Yahoo! 360° profile, however you can remove most of your Yahoo! 360° profile information from public view.
    • To do so change your nickname to something non-identifiable, delete your profile photos, remove all contacts from your Yahoo! 360° friend list, disassociate your Yahoo! 360° profile identity from your Yahoo! ID and aliases, and set all permissions for your content on Yahoo! 360° to just me.
    • If you wish to delete your Yahoo! 360° profile completely, you must delete your associated Yahoo! ID.
Other This page describes current Yahoo! practices with respect to this particular service. This information may change as Yahoo! revises this service by adding or removing features or using different service providers. To find out how Yahoo! treats your personal information, please visit our privacy policy.

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