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Yahoo! Privacy and Cookie Policy

We have detailed reference links describing our privacy practices for a wide range of Yahoo! products and services. Find them here.

Relevant Advertising

By bringing content and advertising to you that is relevant and tailored to your interests, Yahoo! provides a more compelling online experience. Our customized "smart" services save you time and cut through the clutter. Learn More about relevant advertising.


Prefer not to receive advertising based on your interests? You can opt out of interest-matched advertising on Yahoo!

Yahoo! Social Bar Privacy

Please read our FAQ to learn more about Yahoo! Social Bar Privacy.

Ad Serving

Yahoo! displays ads both on our network of owned and operated websites, such as the sites on the domain and sites like and others (see our Acquired Companies page for a list of other domains where Yahoo! may serve ads) and on non-Yahoo! websites. Yahoo!’s ad network includes the Yahoo! Network and Yahoo! Search Marketing. Yahoo! serves display ads, also known as graphical ads, which appear as images, animation or video. Yahoo! also serves text ads that appear as text links. Yahoo!’s Right Media Exchange and, in some markets, its APT technology platforms (“the Exchanges”) provide the means for advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad networks to manage their advertising business.

When you visit one of Yahoo!’s websites, or a non-Yahoo! website where Yahoo! may serve ads, ads that you see may be suggested by Yahoo! based on various factors such as the content of the page on which they appear, information you provide such as your gender, age or location, what your friends or contacts recommend to you, or based on your other interests. Yahoo! may use information you provide, including personally identifiable information, to tailor ads when you are on one of our websites or using one of our services. Yahoo! may also analyse your use of our products and services and your engagement with the ads we show you. You can control Yahoo!’s use of this information for ad selection and improving the effectiveness of the Exchanges by opting out. To learn more about your options and to control this practice, click here.

NOTE: The Blue Lithium ad network has been integrated into the Yahoo! Network and the domain previously used by Blue Lithium ( is no longer used to serve ads as of July 1, 2010. While ads are no longer served through this domain, the domain will remain active in order to honor privacy choices made on the Blue Lithium platform. If you would like to update your Yahoo! Network choices, please visit our Opt-Out.

Technologies Used

  • Yahoo! uses tools called cookies and web beacons in the ad serving process. Click each link to learn more.

Ad Selection

  • Ads served by Yahoo! may be customised to reflect your interests. To do this, Yahoo! may consider browsing activity, including the type of content accessed, ads clicked, and searches conducted. Yahoo! may also use information about the ads you have seen and clicked on to improve the effectiveness of our Exchanges.
  • When showing you ads on a search results page, information about your browsing behaviour and your search query may be used to display more relevant ads. For more information about how your search queries may be used to display more relevant ads, visit the Yahoo! Search privacy page.
  • Yahoo! may display ads based on relevant content. For instance, if you are viewing a Yahoo! news article about a recently released album, Yahoo! may show you an ad for a music store that sells albums. Similarly, ads in Yahoo! Finance may be related to financial services.
  • Yahoo! may also tailor ads based on location. For more information about how Yahoo! uses location information, please visit our Yahoo! Location privacy page.
  • Yahoo! may use information you provide, such as your gender, age or job category, to tailor ads when you are logged in or if you have stored this information with a Yahoo! service. Yahoo! may also use this information, including personally identifiable information, to tailor ads when you are on one of our websites or using one of our services.
  • Yahoo! may tailor ads to you based on people you have connected with and their demonstrated or declared interests.
  • Yahoo! may show ads suggested by friends or contacts.
  • Yahoo! does not provide any personally identifiable information to an advertiser or website when you interact with or view a targeted ad. However, by interacting with or viewing an ad you should be aware that the advertiser may make the assumption that you meet the targeting criteria used to display the ad.
Transparency, Choice and Opt-out
  • Yahoo! is transparent about how we serve ads. Yahoo offers you the following choices with regard to interest-based advertising:
    • Please visit our Opt-Out page to learn more about the information used to personalise your ad experience and your choices regarding how we use information about these activities to influence the ads we show you. If you opt-out, you will continue to see ads Yahoo! serves on these websites, but they won’t be customised to your interests.
    • You can also opt-out of allowing other advertisers, agencies, networks or publishers use of the Right Media Exchange to select ads. Visit the Right Media Exchange Privacy Policy to learn more about how the Right Media Exchange operates and the privacy choices it provides.
    • You can see and, in many cases, opt-out of, receiving targeted ads from other companies that serve ads on Yahoo! by visiting our Third Parties on Yahoo! page.
    • You can edit your Yahoo! account information that may be used to select ads at any time.
  • The Yahoo! Network is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), a cooperative of companies committed to building responsible advertising policies across the Internet. Learn more about other ad serving companies and opt-out from each of them at the NAI website (in English).
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