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    Relevant Advertising

    By bringing content and advertising to you that is relevant and tailored to your interests, Yahoo provides a more compelling online experience. Our customized "smart" services save you time and cut through the clutter. Learn More about relevant advertising.


    Prefer not to receive advertising based on your interests? Learn about your ability to opt-out of interest-matched advertising served by APT from Yahoo.

    APT from Yahoo Privacy

    APT from Yahoo is a technology-based advertising exchange platform operated by Yahoo that connects advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad networks to facilitate the buying, selling and serving of advertising over the Internet. The APT from Yahoo platform allows advertising partners to link with each other and to customize their advertising based on factors such as target audience and ad space availability.

    Data Collection & Use

    In the process of facilitating and serving ads, the APT from Yahoo platform receives information from your browser such as IP address, browser type, operating system, time of day and other system-based information that enables us to render the advertising appropriately and deliver it to the right computer. The APT from Yahoo platform may use IP address to determine your general geographic location to serve localized advertising to you and for other uses such as fraud detection and prevention.

    The APT from Yahoo platform also provides tools and functionalities that advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad networks may use to provide a third party access to their own data for ad targeting and delivery purposes. This data is subject to the individual policies of the APT from Yahoo platform participants and is not subject to this policy.

    Yahoo's ad networks may participate on the APT from Yahoo platform from time to time. You can learn more about ad networks and platforms by visiting the Yahoo Ad Serving page.

    Cookies and Beacons

    APT from Yahoo serves ads online on a number of publisher sites. The APT from Yahoo platform uses tools called cookies and web beacons to help operate the platform and facilitate the ad serving process.

    • Cookies are small text files that are stored within a browser. They are accessed and recorded by the web site visited and by the companies that show ads on that site to enable them to “recognize” the same browser. They are used as part of the ad serving process and also help us collect information about a browser’s online interactions.
    • Web beacons are small electronic files that allow a web site to count users who have visited that page or to access certain cookies. Web beacons can be used to identify audience segments and to do analytics and research.

    Your Ability to Opt-Out

    Some of the ads served through the APT from Yahoo platform are customized by the parties who use this platform. You can elect to opt-out of seeing customized ads delivered through the APT from Yahoo platform. In addition, you may want to visit the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) page to opt-out of targeting from the Yahoo Ad Network and other ad networks.


    If you have questions about the APT from Yahoo platform, please feel free to contact us. If you have questions about Yahoo’s other advertising privacy practices please visit our Privacy Center.

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