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Yahoo Astrology

Yahoo Astrology does not require you to be signed into the Yahoo Network to browse and view content on the site. However, there are certain features, such as personalized horoscopes, that are only accessible when you are signed into the Yahoo Network.

Information Collection and Use

  • When signed-in to the Yahoo network, you may provide certain information including a first name, date of birth and gender in order to personalize your Yahoo Astrology service.
    • The information you provide on Yahoo Astrology does not update your Yahoo account information.
    • To learn how to update or delete the information you provide on Yahoo Astrology please refer to the ‘Your Ability to Update and Delete Information’ section below.

Information Sharing and Disclosure Practices

  • Yahoo Astrology features modules for that may collect information (e.g. date of birth). These modules will be branded as
    • Information you provide in these modules or on the site is collected by and is subject to the privacy policy.
    • Yahoo does not collect or receive any personal information you provide in these modules or on the site.

Your Ability to Update or Delete Information

  • To view, update or delete your personal horoscope settings, click here.
    • To delete your personal horoscope settings you must clear all of the fields and select ‘Finished’.


This page describes current Yahoo practices with respect to this particular service. This information may change as Yahoo revises this service by adding or removing features or using different service providers. To find out how Yahoo treats your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

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