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    Yahoo Privacy

    To find out how Yahoo treats your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy. This page describes current Yahoo practices with respect to this product. Information on this page may change as Yahoo! adds or removes features.


    By bringing content and advertising to you that is relevant and tailored to your interests, Yahoo provides a more compelling online experience. Learn More about relevant advertising. Manage your interest-based categories, or opt-out of all categories, from the Yahoo! Ad Interest Manager.

    Web browser Do Not Track settings are no longer enabled on Yahoo.  Users receive a personalized experience by default.  Manage settings here.

    Yahoo! Social Bar Activity

    Please read our FAQ to learn more about Yahoo! Social Bar Activity, or visit the Yahoo! Social Bar Activity Help pages if you have additional questions.


    Prefer not to receive advertising based on your interests? Learn about your ability to opt out of interest-matched advertising served by Yahoo!.

    Yahoo Smart TV

    This page describes our privacy practices with respect to Yahoo Smart TV (formerly Connected TV).

    Yahoo User Account

    • You do not need to be a registered Yahoo user to use Yahoo Smart TV although some Yahoo TV apps may require sign-in to Yahoo.
    • Once signed-in to Yahoo, you are not automatically signed-out once the TV app is closed. You can sign-in and sign-out of the Yahoo account associated with individual profiles in the Settings menu.
    • TV apps developed by Yahoo are subject to the Yahoo Privacy Policy applicable to your region and the individual privacy modules associated with those products. For example, you can visit Yahoo Finance (http://finance.yahoo.com) and click on the privacy link on that page to see the Yahoo Finance Privacy Module (https://info.yahoo.com/privacy/us/yahoo/finance/details.html).

    Non-Yahoo Content and Service Providers

    • Yahoo Smart TV offers TV Apps from other content and service providers, but does not share your personally identifiable Yahoo user data with those providers without your consent.
    • You do not need to sign-in to Yahoo to use non-Yahoo branded TV apps.

    Yahoo Smart TV Platform

    • The Yahoo Smart TV Platform automatically checks for updates.
    • The Yahoo Smart TV Platform supports the Yahoo login, so some TV apps built by Yahoo can access password protected data associated with your Yahoo ID, such as your Flickr photos and Yahoo Finance portfolio.
    • When your Smart TV contacts Yahoo servers, it sends information that can help enhance your experience, which may include: a unique identifier number, your IP address (https://info.yahoo.com/privacy/us/yahoo/ip/), and viewing data if Broadcast Interactivity is enabled (see below).

    Broadcast Interactivity

    • When you have the Broadcast Interactivity feature turned on, Yahoo may collect your viewing data to enhance your TV and online experiences. Your Yahoo Smart TV viewing experience may include interactive prompts related to shows that you watch. For example, you may be able to vote for your favorite contestants, learn more about characters, actors, or advertised products, and see personalized information and advertising alongside your programming.
    • Prompts will appear briefly on your screen when companion TV Apps or other useful information is available. Just select a prompt with your remote control to interact. To turn off this feature, follow the instructions provided by your model of Yahoo Smart TV.
    • Some Broadcast Interactivity features may allow you to input your contact information, including phone number and email address, to deliver information that you've requested. In such situations, unless explicitly noted, your contact information will not be shared with any third party. If you choose to select "remember my phone number", then the number will be stored on the device and used to pre-populate the phone number field in the future. Yahoo won't use the number for other purposes. You will also have the ability to remove the contact information through choice mechanisms that we provide. You can delete your phone number by (1) going to settings panel, (2) unchecking the box later, or (3) where made available by the manufacturer, resetting your device to the factory default setting may also erase the phone number. Similarly we might offer to store other information such as third party app login information, which you also have the option to delete.
    • Yahoo may use your viewing data to provide you with relevant ads and recommendations on content to enhance your TV and online experience. Yahoo may make your viewing data available to third parties, but will not personally identify you to those third parties or otherwise share personally identifiable information about you without your permission. If you do not wish to make your viewing data available to Yahoo or third parties, you may turn off the Broadcast Interactivity feature.

    When you use Yahoo Smart TV, you are subject to the Yahoo terms of service which you accepted upon first launching Yahoo Smart TV on your television. In addition to the Privacy Module in the device setting, you can also find the latest Smart TV Privacy Module (https://info.yahoo.com/privacy/us/yahoo/connectedtv/details.html) on the web. The Yahoo Privacy Policy (https://info.yahoo.com/privacy/us/yahoo/) governs how Yahoo treats your personal information; if you are not located in the US, visit the Smart TV Help Page (https://smarttv.yahoo.com/) to view the Yahoo privacy policy that is applicable to you in your region.

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