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    Yahoo Privacy

    To find out how Yahoo treats your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy. This page describes current Yahoo practices with respect to this product. Information on this page may change as Yahoo adds or removes features.

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    By bringing content and advertising to you that is relevant and tailored to your interests, Yahoo provides a more compelling online experience. Our customized "smart" services save you time and cut through the clutter. Learn More about relevant advertising.

    Yahoo Social Bar Activity

    Please read our FAQ to learn more about Yahoo Social Bar Activity, or visit the Yahoo Social Bar Activity Help pages if you have additional questions.


    Prefer not to receive advertising based on your interests? Learn about your ability to opt out of interest-matched advertising served by Yahoo.

    Yahoo Homepage Privacy FAQ

    1. How do you decide which stories I see?

    The Yahoo Homepage is a personal and customized experience. The stories you see are based on a number of factors, including popular content, content based on your selected topics (see below), your activities at Yahoo, and other interests. You can opt-out of Yahoo’s use of your inferred activities on yahoo.com by visiting Ad Interest Manager however by doing so you won't receive the rich, personalized, and custom experience offered. Regardless of your choices within Ad Interest Manager, however, your declared interests will continue to inform the content and ads that are shown to you.

    If you connect your Yahoo and Facebook accounts, you may also see personalization based on your Facebook Likes and your Friends' Likes. If you indicate you don’t want to see a story by clicking on ‘X’ in the upper-right hand corner, you may be asked if you would like to see fewer stories from related topics. As you continue to declare new topics on Yahoo and new Likes on Facebook, your homepage feed will continue to get more accurate and personalized. You can see and edit your Yahoo Topics by visiting the Content Preferences page in your Yahoo Profile.

    2. How does my experience change if I connect my Yahoo and Facebook accounts?

    If you connect your Facebook account, you will experience even deeper personalization of stories and other content, based on your basic account information and Likes.

    3. How can I disconnect my Facebook and Yahoo accounts once they’ve been connected?

    You can remove Facebook and Twitter Connected Accounts by visiting your Yahoo Profile Settings page.

    4. What is Yahoo Social Activity?

    The Yahoo Social Activity App allows you to share Yahoo activity including videos you watch, articles you read, and more, with your Facebook Friends. If your Friends have the Social Activity App, you will see their Yahoo activity. If you have connected your Yahoo and Facebook accounts, you will also see your Friends’ most recent activity through the ‘Social Activity’ filter (under the ‘More’ option) at the top of your newsfeed on the Yahoo Homepage. Your Friends cannot see your activity, however, unless you give permission through the Social Activity App yourself.

    5. How can I remove my Social Activity?

    You can turn off Social Activity sharing by visiting a property that supports this feature, such as Yahoo News, and selecting “Remove this Experience”. Please read our FAQ to learn more about Social Activity, or visit Yahoo Help if you have more questions.

    6. How can I edit my Content Preference Topics?

    You can see and edit your selected topics by visiting the Content Preferences page in your Yahoo Profile.

    7. How do I manage my Yahoo Homepage Utilities?

    The Yahoo Homepage features a number of customized utilities such as Weather, Sports, Horoscopes, Flickr, Finance, and Friends’ Birthdays. These utilities will draw from account information for logged-in users. For example you can view your financial portfolios, follow sports teams, see your Flickr stream, and select your astrological sign directly within the relevant utility. You can delete any utility by clicking ‘X’ in the upper right corner of each. To restore utilities, click the ‘Restore All’ button below your utilities (this button will only appear if you’ve removed one or more).

    8. How do I change my location information?

    You can manage your Yahoo locations by visiting Manage Locations. Please visit Yahoo Help if you have more questions.
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