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Yahoo! Activity Privacy

Please read our FAQ to learn more about Yahoo! Activity Privacy.

Yahoo! Social Bar Privacy FAQ

Yahoo! Social Bar Privacy FAQ

1. How do I decide which Yahoo! activities I “share”?

If you use Yahoo! Social Bar and have your Social setting turned “On”, you will automatically share a link to your Yahoo! activity (articles you read, videos you watch, and more). Your activity is shared from those Yahoo! properties identified by the Yahoo! Social Bar, which shows your friends’ activity.

2. Who will see my Yahoo! activity?

Your Yahoo! activity, including Yahoo! articles you read, videos you watch, and more are shared with both your friends on Facebook and your Facebook friends on Yahoo!.

3. How is my Yahoo! activity shared?

Links to your Yahoo! articles, videos, and more will appear in your friends’ Facebook feeds and in your Facebook feed. Your friends on Yahoo! will also be able to view the Yahoo! activity you share.

4. How do I find the sharing controls?

You can find your Social Bar controls on any Social Bar page. For example, if you are participating in Social Bar, you can go to On the right you will see your Facebook profile picture and “You on Yahoo! News”. The “Social” control allows you to set Social Sharing to Off or On, and allows you to activate or deactivate your activity reminder, which can remind you each time you add to your activity.

5. Can I choose what activity to share?

Yes. If you want to read, watch, or engage in other activity on a Social Bar page, but you don’t want to share that activity with your friends, you can turn sharing off prior to engaging in your activity by selecting Off from the “Social” drop-down menu under “You on Yahoo!”. Remember to select On from the “Social” drop-down when you wish to resume sharing your reading activity.

6. Can I delete activity I’ve shared?

Yes. On the Yahoo! Social Bar, clicking Your Activity lists recent activity you are sharing with friends. You can remove any entries from this list by clicking the X button to the right of the link. This removes the article or video from your Facebook and Yahoo! feeds, and your friends will no longer be able to see that you have viewed it on either network.

7. How do I stop sharing my Yahoo! activity?

You can turn automatic sharing off by selecting Off from the “Social” drop-down menu under “You on Yahoo!”. You can find these Social Bar controls on any Social Bar page, such as When you turn Social “Off”, subsequent Yahoo! activity will not be shared. But, after you turn sharing off, your friends will still be able to see activity you previously shared in their Facebook newsfeeds and on Yahoo!. To remove a previously shared article from these feeds, open the “Your Activity” drop-down under “You on Yahoo!” and click the X next to the article. To change your Social setting now, click here.

8. Can I choose to share only some types of activities (for example, share my article reading activity without sharing my video watching activity)?

You can turn sharing off at any time, and turning it off before engaging in an activity will stop that activity from being shared. Just remember to turn off your Social sharing settings before watching a video, if you don’t want to share that video. Social Bar does not support only selectively sharing some types of activities.

Visit Yahoo! News Activity Help if you have more questions.

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