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Ad Matching Opt-Out

To make our ads more relevant and useful for you, we make educated guesses about your interests based on your activity on Yahoo’s sites and services, as well as on the Yahoo advertising network. Some of the ads we show you reflect these interests. On this page, you can opt-out of interest-based advertising and content, the scanning of communications content for advertising purposes, and the receipt of data from partner sites for our analytics products. Your choices here do not affect interests you expressly declare to Yahoo elsewhere. Learn more.

Important note about opt-out persistence for users with a Yahoo account: So that your opt-out is both persistent and portable, please sign in now to your Yahoo account. If you are signed in, opting out below will store this preference in your account and will automatically set this preference on each browser that you sign into, every time you sign in, as a convenience for you. Learn more about the benefits of this by reading our Opt-Out help page.

For users without a Yahoo account: You do not need to have a Yahoo account to opt out of ad matching. If you are not signed in or do not wish to sign in, your opt-out will apply to a specific browser rather than to you as a specific user. You will have to opt out separately from each computer or browser that you use. You should check this page periodically to ensure that your opt-out is still active on your browser.

You are currently not opted out

If your status has not changed after selecting Opt-Out, your browser may be set to block Yahoo Cookies. Please unblock Yahoo Cookies and try again.

Yahoo also uses web beacons for a number of purposes including research and reporting for some of our clients. If you opt out of ad matching, Yahoo will not use the information gathered through our web beacons for research and reporting purposes.

Yahoo Ad Network is a participating member of the Network Advertising Initiative (in English). You can exercise the same Yahoo opt-out on the NAI site and also manage your other ad network opt-outs.
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