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It’s your Web. At Yahoo!, we strive to make your experience on the Web as customized an experience as it can be. This means you can easily get the information that's most important to you - catch the score on your favorite team, see the up-to-the-second news you need, get the financial information that pertains to you—and see ads that interest you.

How we customize your Yahoo! experience

  • We look at a person's browsing activity, such as the types of content the person accessed, ads the person clicked, and searches the person conducted. Based on this, we infer certain interests the person has, and we show ads likely to meet the person's needs. For example, for people who like to check out the golf scores on Yahoo! Sports, we may show ads that focus on golf-related products and services.
  • We offer this service not just on the Yahoo! network but across our partners’ sites as well.
  • Advertising is how we’re able to offer the innovative, free services that are traditional at Yahoo!. As we continue to customize your Yahoo! experience, you may see ads that more closely reflect your interests.

We take your privacy seriously

Trust is one of Yahoo!’s core values. We’re committed to providing you a secure browsing experience and transparent policies showing how we use your information to enhance your browsing experience. Read our Privacy Policy.

Exercise your choice to decline ad matching

We also offer people who do not want this customized experience the ability to opt out of ad matching (also known as "behavioral advertising" or "ad customization"). If you opt out, you will still see ads, but the advertising you see will be less customized to your interests. Learn more and exercise your choice.

If you have a Yahoo! ID, you can make your opt-out persistent, meaning that your decision to opt out will be effective even if you clear your cookies, change browsers, or use a different computer. More about this feature.

Yahoo! also has a policy to de-identify search user log data (the records we keep about searches on our site) within 18 months of collection with limited exceptions to meet legal obligations. Other data we collect will be retained for a longer period in order to power innovative product development, provide personalized experiences, and better enable our security systems to detect and defend against fraudulent activity.More about this policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you customize my experience on Yahoo!?

Customization features are designed to bring you the news, weather, or other content you want, and to help you find what you are looking for more efficiently.


Where does Yahoo! show me customized ads?

We show them to you when you are on Yahoo! and when you visit some of our partner sites.


Can I opt out of receiving customized advertising?

Yes, you can. If you have a Yahoo! ID, you can also make your opt-out persistent. Learn more about this feature.

You can also choose to clear your cookies through a setting in your browser. Learn how.

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