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To find out how Yahoo treats your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy. This page describes current Yahoo practices with respect to this product. Information on this page may change as Yahoo adds or removes features.

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Yahoo Social Bar Activity

Please read our FAQ to learn more about Yahoo Social Bar Activity, or visit the Yahoo Social Bar Activity Help pages if you have additional questions.


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Yahoo Axis

Axis provides search and browsing features that allow you to view Yahoo Search results from any page and continue your browsing experience across multiple devices. Axis is offered as a browser plugin for desktops or an application for mobile devices. In order to use Axis, you must download and install free software but you do not need to be a registered Yahoo user in order to use it. In order to leverage the continuous browsing experience across multiple devices, you must be a registered Yahoo user and logged in to your Yahoo account within each Axis experience.

Web and Application Usage

  • By logging into your Yahoo account in Axis, Yahoo will be able to provide you a continuous browsing experience across multiple devices. To do this, Axis will transmit your web browsing activity to Yahoo servers, including the complete web site addresses (URLs) from all the websites you visit, referring and redirect URLs, your Yahoo identifiers, and preferences you set.
  • Yahoo Axis only collects information for the purpose of serving and syncing your search history and bookmarks across devices.
  • Yahoo collects your web usage to provide you with a continuous search experience across devices. In particular, by collecting your web history, Yahoo allows you to perform a search for a restaurant on your desktop computer, and continue browsing the restaurants menu and location on your mobile device as you’re in route to the restaurant.
  • Yahoo will automatically send crash details back to our servers for further assessment and debugging if your application stops working for an unexpected reason.

  • Axis can optionally use your current location to provide more relevant search results where possible. To do this, you must first provide permission through your device before Yahoo obtains pinpointed physical location details.
  • You are able to withdraw your permission for Yahoo to access pinpointed location information through your mobile operating system or by uninstalling the Axis application. Please refer to the instructions from your operating system for the most up-to-date instructions for your version.
  • Please visit the Location Opt-Out help page to learn more about withdrawing location permissions on your device, and the Location Privacy Policy to learn more about how Yahoo treats location information.
Private Browsing

  • Axis offers a privacy browsing mode on the iPhone and iPad which you can control through settings.
  • While in this mode:
    • Web pages that you open and files downloaded aren't recorded in your browsing and download histories (alternatively you can also simply sign out of your Yahoo account within Axis).
    • Changes made to your Y! Axis bookmarks and general settings while in incognito mode are always saved.
  • To stop having your bookmarks synced across devices, you can either delete all bookmarks or sign out of your Yahoo Account.
  • Axis provides you the ability to use Yahoo Search features on any page you visit and provides visually rich search results.
  • Axis provides you the ability to bookmark websites to allow you to easily visit that page again. If you are signed into your Yahoo account when using Axis, your bookmarks will be available to you across devices.
Other This page describes current Yahoo practices with respect to this particular service. This information may change as Yahoo revises this service by adding or removing features or using different service providers. To find out how Yahoo treats your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy.
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