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    Yahoo Updates FAQ

    1. What is an Update and what things have I done that have created Updates?

      For the most part, Yahoo Updates consist of things you do that are already publicly available or that you’ve published online for everyone to see. These include things like comments on message boards, songs you’ve rated, movies you’ve reviewed, articles you’ve Buzzed, photos you’ve uploaded in Flickr, questions you’ve asked or answered on Yahoo Answers and other similar activities.

      Over the last two years, we’ve been showing you notifications to let you know that some of this public activity is viewable through Yahoo Updates. If you haven’t seen a notice like this, then you probably haven’t generated any Updates.

      To see the Updates you’ve created and get an idea of what others might see about you, check out your Yahoo Profile. If you produce content on Yahoo by commenting or rating things, but you don’t want this content to be published into Yahoo Updates, you can delete existing Updates, you can manage your settings for future Updates on a per source basis, or you can turn off Updates altogether with one simple click.

    2. Are my emails in Yahoo Mail or chats in Yahoo Messenger generating Updates?

      No - Updates do NOT include the content of private communications or in your general browsing habits on Yahoo. Things you do privately such as emails and instant messages you send, pages you visit, and searches you conduct are not part of the Yahoo Updates stream.

    3. Whose Updates will I see in Mail?

      Just like in Yahoo Profiles today, you’ll see updates from a combination of your Yahoo Messenger friends, Yahoo Contacts, and Connections - our term for mutually acknowledged friendships on Yahoo. You can manage whose Updates you see to add or remove people and tune your experience.

    4. Who sees the Updates that I create?

      Because the majority of events listed within Updates are inherently public activities, the defaults are set to allow anyone on the Internet to see them (for users over 18, younger users have different defaults that are age-appropriate). But you can easily limit who sees your Update stream either by editing the controls for each specific activity or by turning your Updates stream off from everyone in a single, easy step.

      The new features in Yahoo Mail make it much easier for your public Updates to be seen by folks who communicate with you frequently, such as people who have you in their Yahoo Contacts or Yahoo Messenger friend lists. You can stop sharing Updates by changing your settings here.

    5. Will other people know the people in my Contacts or Messenger friends list?

      No, your contacts and your Messenger friends are private lists. We don’t ever share that information publicly without your explicit permission and consent.

    6. How are you protecting kids in Yahoo Updates?

      We have provided extensive Safety guidance for all users here: http://safely.yahoo.com. Defaults are set based on the age a user has listed in their Yahoo account. Updates from users 18 and older can be seen by anyone by default. Users 13-17 years of age are defaulted to allowing only Connections to see their Updates. Users under 13 are not permitted to have published Updates or Profiles although they may be allowed to post content in some places on Yahoo if they have a Yahoo Family Account with parental consent.

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